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In 2015 James Lawrence completed 50 Ironman-length traithlons in 50 consecutive days. Leveraging his experience, he teamed up with award-winning physician Dr. Sourabh Kharait to create Speed Sauce, an electrolyte product specifically designed for high-endurance athletes.

"As an athlete, there's nothing more frustrating than wanting to compete at the highest level, but being hindered by physical limitations."

30-Day Supply: $29.95 (Free Shipping)

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30-Day Supply: $29.95 (Free Shipping)

Why MagNaK® Speed Sauce is superior to all other electrolyte powders for high-endurance athletes:

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Customer Review: Diane Stone

"I have been using Speed Sauce for the last month during my bike and run training sessions and have noticed a difference in my performance. I just feel really good when I drink it - I have no cramping, I get up to my interval pace quicker, and am able to maintain the pace easier than I have before Speed Sauce. I feel more energetic during training and more energetic once a session has been complete. I have never really liked the taste of any previous electrolyte drinks, but Speed Sauce tastes great. It's not too sweet, the flavor isn't too strong, and there is no aftertaste. I've also had issues with other supplements where I feel immediately thirsty after having one sip - Speed Sauce does not make me feel this way at all. For me, Speed Sauce has the right balance of taste, salt, and other electrolytes to help me power through my Ironman training."